Rotanium TG-102 RGB Case Review

The case we’re looking at today isn’t as affordable as some of the other cheap cases on the market, however it is the cheapest one I am aware of that includes a remote controlled RGB controller and fan. The RGB controller also controls the RGB light strip in the front of the case.

So what is it? The Rotanium TG-102 is a Mid Tower or MIDI case with full support for full ATX motherboards and support for graphics cards up to 280mm in length.

A good looking case, and with a low price of $79 ($59 before Corona virus stock shortages). What’s to not like? And what’s to like? Let’s see.


The airflow characteristics of this case is unfortunately lower than average. It comes with venting on the front right corner of the case for intake, and exhaust is handled by a dust filtered exhaust and the RGB fan rear exhaust. If you are interested in the best possible air flow for a computer with high heat output or overclocking purposes, then this case in its stock form is not for you. I would suggest looking for a case with more mesh on the front or at least adding some intake fans to this case. For the majority of builds, however, this case handles heat well. A standard 95W TDP CPU (such as an i7 2600 or an i5 10600K) will work absolutely fine even when paired with a mid range GPU such as a GTX1070 or 1660 Super. I would say that the RTX2060 is the highest I would go in terms of TDP (thermal/heat output) before adding more fans to the case to keep your expensive PC parts cool and happy.


The case looks good. While I have to deduct some points for the cheap looking printed logo on the front (a real glued on badge would have been appreciated), the case looks good from all angles. Especially from the angle depicted on the photo above, you get the best view of the RGB lighting strip as well as the rear RGB fan, combined with a peek through the glass into your PC parts themselves. Keeping in mind the price, the case also holds up to closer scrutiny with no imperfections in the black steel sheet construction, and a fully black interior as well. The case also forgoes any over the top “gamery” design cues and instead goes for a cleaner look which I believe is the way to go.


The case has a winning combo of price and RGB. The remote included with the case works well, and the fact that the controller is included in the price is definitely a win considering that RGB controllers still cost a decent amount of money despite their increasing prevalence. Front panel wise, the case has a single USB3.0 port (not able to be converted to a USB2.0 header with a separate adapter) and two USB2.0 ports. There is also a power switch, reset switch and two audio ports. You can install a 120mm radiator on the rear or a 240mm radiator on the front. I haven’t tried to install a 360mm radiator, however there are spots for three front intake fans of 120mm each so an ambitious builder could definitely attempt this. There is no dust filtration on the front, only on the top (why do they do this? Who uses top fans for intake?) so be aware that dust will be able to penetrate the case quite easily.

Build Quality

The build quality of the case is solid for the price. The sheet metal isn’t as thin as some budget cases, and is certainly up to the task considering the price. While some other cases at this price have thicker sheet metal, they generally don’t have the same combination of RGB and glass features. So it’s up to you what you will value more. I’ve found most people prefer a good looking case over a more well built one. The plastic front panel is decent in quality as well, and the weight of the case, while not substantial, is more than enough to keep it from being pushed around the desk once a PC is built inside. The glass is also good quality and the tinting level is perfect for my tastes.


The TG-102 is a great case for a mid range gaming PC that can really optimise the budget for your build. It has the advantage of supporting full ATX motherboards, while boasting attractive included features such as the RGB fan, controller, remote and lighting strip as well as the glass panel. All this while not breaking the budget on most mid-range builds.

Performance 4/10

Aesthetics 9/10

Features 7/10

Build Quality 5/10

Overall 6.25/10

Keeping in mind the reasonable price of this case, this case is easily at least a 7/10 in my mind.

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