Cancellation Policy

All bookings made over the phone or through our online system are subject to our cancellation policy. We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of $55 to any bookings that are cancelled less than 24 hours before the booking. The cancellation fee is also charged if the booking is unable to go ahead (for example if you are not home at the time of the booking, or if you forget to cancel the booking). The cancellation fee covers the administrative costs and the travel expense as well as the expense of losing the opportunity to schedule a different customer for the time slot.

Invoice Payment Terms

A payment term of 5 business days applies to all invoices issued by the business. The payment should be sent to the bank account that is listed on the invoice, or through another means if otherwise agreed to in writing.


Some quotes may require a minimum of 25% deposit before the work can be commenced. This is so that the funds can be used to order the parts necessary, or to cover other cost involved with commencement of work. Progress payments may be required if discussed and agreed to in writing. In the case of a cancelled order, a part or whole of the payments made may not be refunded. This is to cover the cost of the cancelled order, such as the labour costs, restocking of parts, and disassembly of PCs and other devices.

Client Data Policy

JiTech and its related parties cannot be held responsible for any data loss that occurs as part of carrying out its work. While every care is taken to ensure that data is kept safe and data loss is an extremely rare occurrence, sometimes it may be caused by factors outside of our control. Therefore it is strongly advised that all devices and data storage mediums that we may need to work with, should be backed up to a secondary storage device or medium. This includes online and “cloud” based storage and services that we may need to interact with. We are more than happy to give advice or assistance with, and provide industry standard data backup and procedures to ensure that your data is kept safe both now and in the future.